Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This Is Not My Guac


Normally, I am definitely not the make-my-own-guacamole kind of girl.  I might enjoy being that girl actually.  I imagine she's playful and inventive and has a certain zest for life.  She also likes avocados.  And that is the number one reason I know I am not that girl- I do not like avocados.  No, I'm not violently opposed to them but I'd just as soon leave them on the table.  I certainly wouldn't buy avocados, especially not for the sole purpose of making guacamole.

But you know my motto: when the grocery store hands you free avocados with a $5 purchase, you make guacamole.

I swear, that is in fact a motto of mine.  Not one that I try to apply to every aspect of my life but one of those little clauses that applies to specific situations.

I used my free avocados, a friend's free avocados, some ingredients from my fridge, and this recipe to make my first guacamole ever.  My only issue was that the recipe called for it to be salted to taste.  I struggle to salt anything to taste because I just don't put salt on my food unless the recipe calls for a specific amount.  I had no idea how salty guacamole should be anyway.  Fortunately, a friend was having a get-together that night.  I told her I would be happy to bring guacamole but that she would have to salt it herself.  So I brought, she salted, and everyone ate.  It was declared to be quite good, with the perfect amount of tomatoes.  Since choosing exactly how many tomatoes to add had not been determined by the recipe, I considered this to be a credit to my splendid cooking judgement, which I clearly possess in spades.

And yes, seeing everyone enjoy my masterpiece did make me just a tiny bit curious.  I had a taste and confirmed that I still don't particularly care for guacamole.  At least it was fun to make!

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